Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Farfetch'd Thought

There i stand, staring into the darkness. My two pillars of strength, struggling to hold me up. Breaking down on the inside, i feel the pain, i feel the struggle. But i know that, come what may, both pillars will catch me when i fall. These supports of innumerable differences, have everything in them different. But a five-letter word like irony is too meek to hold the meaning of their situation. For despite these differences they hold a common prize. A prize of no value to the world but of immense value to them. The prize that doesn't lay any golden eggs, but brings about dark cloudy days. But nevertheless, a prize in their eyes. I want to jump off their shoulders, into the nothingness, aimlessly fall, just so the pillars may stand up again, go their different ways and become strong again.

Be not mistaken dear reader, breaking down on the inside or the outside, does not rob these of their strength, for the common prize they possess, they willingly share, constitutes the base of this common strength. This common strength, gives them the power to love, to love the world around them and their common gold, but never themselves, for they never will be able to love that one that created their prize along with them. The only one that has equal authority over their prized possession. They live in a world of dark hatred for the power the other possesses, but nevertheless have to tread on to the end. That strength that causes love is the reason for family. Cherish it and find meaning it. Not many are lucky enough to experience it.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Unheard Cries

It's been quite a long time since i've blogged. So i thought i'd start over.

Ok, so, yesterday was Sathya's birthday party. A real fun affair. Went off quite well i presume.

But what i want to write about today is not the party, because i know that 80% of the whole grade(guys and girls) ended up there. But there was this one discussion that i found pretty hilarious.

So the party was over and there were some of us left there. I was hitching a ride in the Kalapuras' grand chariot. I should stop doing that, cuz the car was STUFFED. There was Mr. Aquila, Eric's mom, Rhea, Nirmal, Raoul, Eric and I, all stuffed into a car(NOT SUV). Felt quite bad about the whole idea, but nevertheless, i didn't seem to have much of an option to go home.
So our topics of discussion ranged from the 'vaccuum in between the penguin's legs' to 'religion'. The whole topic of religion always put a huge question mark in my head.

Does he/she/it exist? Ok to make life easier for both of us i'm going to call he/she/it - loser.
So why can't loser just show up? Is he a wussie? Too scared of the wicked bad world we live in? Kinda reminds me of nirmal =P. But the only difference is, i love nirmal. People claim to love loser, but HOW? You don't know loser. You CAN'T know loser. All the "i communicate with loser in my prayers" bullshit. If you can communicate to loser, i wanna communicate to my dead grandfather, who is at par with loser, TO ME. I don't see the difference. Just that, there would be some remnants of my granddad in front of his gravestone under that gravel.

People may say the bible is proof. I maybe a nobody when it comes to relegion, but for a fact i know that there exists more than 100 versions of the bible. Which to believe? "Follow the family line" thing is something that us mallus are born with and are forced to follow. But i'm sorry, the times have changed and even we have learnt to take independent decisions when it comes to faith. So now i'm a confused guy in this agonising world looking for a signboard that would direct me in a path which would do me and people around me some good. People say the bible is the answer 'son'. Read it and you will feel better. It adds meaning to your life. What meaning bullshit!! I tried doing so, and it was even more boring than blouds' speeches. xD

So many sects, groups, faiths, relegions, communities divided on the base of faith. To what end? A bomb? Few deaths? Riots? A debate on ndtv for more rights for ones faith? To me it all looks like a circus (another reason why i like britney spears' new album). Bunch of clowns trying to evoke emotions in the people watching. People say that god is the almighty one, the forgiver of all sins, the redeemer.. blah blah.. but what the hell is the jihaad for then? Why do people fight in the name of god? It's all a bloody self-contradictory hypocrisy.. this world. Why can't people just do what they have to in the short life they have instead of wasting half their life being scared of someone/something that is believed , NOT proved, to exist. It would make life so much more easier for everyone.

Song to listen to : I'm on a boat - Lonely Island ft. Lil Wayne.

PS: Feels good to be back!! =D